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Nicht gefunden: [CnK] Driving to Carona

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We tried to find this one right after the convent-cache, but no luck here. Even though we didn't have the spoiler-picture, we looked at this spot several times and we're quite sure the cache is gone

We took a picture for being able to compare the places, but it's almost the same angle than the spoiler. Can post it if you like to...

Thanks anyway, die Schokokekse

Owner: The 'Nicole' Team
Typ: traditional
D/T: 1/1
Land: Schweiz
Region: TI
Koordinaten : N 45° 56.759 E 008° 55.797
Gelegt: 30.08.2008
Status: archived
Gesucht: 03.01.2009
Grund: gone
Suche(Min.): 15
Gesamtzeit(Std.): 0,3
Hin: car
Eigene Wertung: 0
Gesamtzahl Bewertungen: 7
Durchschnitt: 3.7142857142857
Median: 4
1 Sterne Wertung(en): 0
2 Sterne Wertung(en): 0
3 Sterne Wertung(en): 3
4 Sterne Wertung(en): 3
5 Sterne Wertung(en): 1