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Gefunden: Sabysjon

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The second try and finally I got my first night cache. This time it was more easy since the whole place was not that slippery.
Since my last visit they did a lot of brush work and now the whole place is tidied up.
The cache itself is in a real good state.
traded nothing

Schokokekse aka ben

Owner: Ichimusai
Typ: multi
D/T: 2/2
Land: Schweden
Region: Stockholm
Koordinaten : N 59° 25.592 E 017° 52.240
Gelegt: 13.03.2003
Status: archived
Gefunden: 22.02.2004
Hin: hike
Eigene Wertung: 0
Gesamtzahl Bewertungen: 0
Durchschnitt: 0
Median: 0
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