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Gefunden: Highlander's Home (Eilean Donan Castle)

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Today we hit the westernmost point of our family's Scotland tour. While three of us went inside the castle, the rest of us decided to go for this cache. The beautiful weather made this some kind of a challenging task but finally we made it... What an extraordinary view, more than worth the hike!!

Thanks, die Schokokekse from Germany.

Owner: Simply Paul
Typ: traditional
D/T: 1.5/3
Land: Vereinigtes Königreich
Region: Northern Scotland
Koordinaten : N 57° 16.485 W 005° 30.510
Gelegt: 24.06.2007
Status: ok
Gefunden: 26.05.2010
Eigene Wertung: 5.0
Gesamtzahl Bewertungen: 39
Durchschnitt: 4.4358974358974
Median: 4.5
1 Sterne Wertung(en): 0
2 Sterne Wertung(en): 0
3 Sterne Wertung(en): 2
4 Sterne Wertung(en): 21
5 Sterne Wertung(en): 16